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Souvenir from my calculator : BeatBox for the TI82

My calculator, a Texas Instrument TI-82, was a very nice companion during college, I used to like it as well as all TI calculators because of their internal design (CPU based). The TI-82 featured a small BASIC programming language which I can say I really pushed to its limits, and there were also some hacks, consisting of uploading a memory backup file which allowed running of native assembly programs written in Z80 assembly. So after building a handmade parallel link cable, I wrote some assembly programs. One of them remains quite famous, by turning your TI-82 into a drum machine.

Just have a look at this video I made recently to revive this nice souvenir !

BeatBox was awarded POTY (Program Of The Year) 2004 on 🙂

BeatBox on, featured news article

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