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PSP homebrew : InDaMix

InDaMix is a simple PSP app which allows you to trigger voice samples over a selection of beatloops. The actual voice samples come from Thieu N’Guyen who was our beloved physic/chemistry teacher in high school. No one except deranged somewhat immature students would have make fun of his accent but unfortunately, I was one of them. Moving right along, I took it as an excuse to code this simple PSP homebrew in Lua. The code remaining quite simple, the fun part was actually to build all of the materials that would end up into a nice polished PSP executable (from sound editing, graphic art, to XMB integration with a pretty sexy animated thumbnail).

Honestly, there’s no way anyone, except a classmate of mine, could get the real funny dimension of this thing, but that sure made us laughing out loud for a while, some years ago.

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