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Genesis Studio

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Genesis Studio is a recent project (well, actually, it’s more a project title that anything else) based on a previous experimentation with audio emulation of the Yamaha YM2612 FM soundchip featured on the Sega Megadrive (aka Genesis). I actually used the YM2612 emulation core from MAME which I tweaked a little to separate the six channels from the soundchip and plot them on some scopes. Then I added support for the┬áSN76496 (inherited from the Master System) which some good game actually use aside the YM2612. To enjoy some nice Megadrive music, I wrote a VGM file player and added some features to mute each of the ten channels. I’m also able to stop the data stream from the VGM while keeping the YM2612 emulation running which allows to send arbitrary instructions to the chip and play some notes with the actual instruments of a song. To be more fun, I used the RtMidi library to add MIDI support to the whole thing.

I can’t really tell what Genesis Studio will be about but probably a sort of really nice tool to play VGM files with additional playback features, MIDI support, nice visualization, YM2612/SN76496 advanced debugging, VGM analysis, sample export, etc… based on Qt, FMOD, RtMidi


Early Genesis Studio embryo screenshot

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